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How To Get High Paying Dental Patients With Social Media Marketing

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If you own a dental praxis getting dental clients through the door is one thing, however, often these clients are what we call “low ticket clients” they require smaller procedures like teeth cleaning or even teeth whitening and as much as this still pays the bills it’s not why you became a cosmetic dentist.

Often the agony alone of imagining someone drilling in your mouth can put some people off cosmetic dental procedures, especially if they aren’t 100% entrusting of the professionals capabilities. But more often than not its actually the hefty price tag associated with some of these procedures that leaves customers delaying them for another day, month or even year. This leaves some people in the industry asking how they can consistently get these high ticket clients through the door, whilst still making a sizeable profit.


A common Misconception!

Most local business owners look to Facebook as if it is some kind of magic pill that will solve all their lead generation worries. So they boost a few posts and run traffic to their website and …….. of course nothing happens!!
Maybe your getting a little local brand awareness and some comments or questions online, but new customers are still a rare occurrence and that is not a good return on your investment. It is absolutely essential to be able to quantify your ROI from you marketing spend! Here is the thing, Facebook ads work incredibly well for attracting a steady stream of new private patients but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it!


What we do ?

At LONS Media we primarily focus on driving customers to businesses using social media marketing. We specialise in paid advertising techniques & social media growth. We are constantly creating and testing new strategies that bring qualified leads to our clients, We realise that online marketing can be a pain for a lot of businesses, which is why we are here to help. Below we will take you through our proven step by step process for acquiring high paying dental clients as well as building out high converting opt in pages, that guarantee results!



Breaking down our facebook ads funnel for getting high paying dental clients

To create an ad, such as the one above we use facebook ads power editor. Facebook uses big data stored from its many users to allow marketers to precisely pinpoint their target audience. Among its many useful features such as its interests targeting, split testing and the ability to create lookalike audiences (this is an audience of people that have similar traits to your usual customers), it also allows you to specify and target potential customers in a specific kilometre radius surrounding your business location.

When it comes to creating the ad itself there needs to be strong incentive that makes your dental praxis stand out from the rest. Cosmetic dental work is a big decision even for higher income earners, so special offers and substantial discounts are what we have found to work best.

The facebook ad above is an example of a high converting offer that advertises a dental implant for only $999 in this example the original implant would cost $1800, however by offering the first 10 visitors a discount of $800. Not only does this create an extraordinary incentive as it provides exceptional value for money, but by limiting it to the “first 10 visitors” it creates a strong call to action that is difficult to pass up. Taking into consideration that the offer only applies to the implants and does not include the crown itself, there is still a substantial profit to be made per patient. Not to mention they may now become a regular customer!


The most effective detailed Targeting

In terms of interests targeting, we have found females within a 10 kilometre radius converts the highest. Due to the price and complexity of the procedure, patients are more likely to travel a larger distance to claim the special offer. Targeting higher income earners in certain regions can be beneficial in distinguishing between privately and publicly insured patients, in this case it provides additional revenue for the praxis.



The funnel system that qualifies and converts your potential clients


Opt in Pages are used by many successful businesses to create an online presence and reach more customers in their industry. A typical problem businesses face is the low engagement that their website is regularly receiving. Opt in Pages increase the engagement and traffic drastically to your website and it is where you will lead your target audience after they have engaged with your initial facebook ad. The main goal in designing an opt in page is to create something that grabs the viewers attention. We recommend a clean professional look that does not distract the viewer from the aim of the opt in page.

Above is an example of an opt in page we recommend in conjunction with the previous ad discussed. As you can tell the offer is clear to the viewer and will grab the viewers attention, furthermore the call to action is centre and contrasts well with its surroundings making it visible and easy to navigate even for older viewers. The landing page must be customised specifically to your business, including similar colour schemes and logo’s that may have been displayed on the facebook ad. This ensures the customer understands that the landing page belongs to your business and isn’t a malicious pop-up window that they were covertly directed to. A great addition that goes along with creating brand awareness on the opt in page is adding a  high quality picture of you, your team and a short “about us” section. This will build familiarity and trust with client and your staff and is absolutely essentially if they are to commit to an appointment.

Capturing potential client information

Once they click the “book your appointment” button, they will be asked to enter information such as their Name, Email and phone number in order to commence their booking with you. By doing this you are generating more business, as you are gathering lists of potential customers that have already shown interest in your businesses service. In the event that someone cancels their initial appointment, your receptionist can follow up, reschedule or even continue marketing to them with a range of different offers and services that you provide.  A great application to improve your success on the follow up is Calldrip. It will remind you to follow up leads within in the optimal time frame in order to increase your success rate when closing potential new clients.



When it comes to high cost cosmetic dental work. Consumers are looking for value for money. If you can entice them with an attention grabbing offer and a call to action that requires a quick decision. More often then not a person in need of this service will be more than just curious, potentially even opting in for a procedure at your praxis over their decade long family dentist.


At LONS Media Agency we help companies that are struggling with social media marketing or simply want to increase their revenue. We offer consultations on paid traffic services, social media marketing and chatbot installations completely for free. We build out the best front-end and back-end campaign strategies to effectively market to your exact target audience. Not only do we focus on lead acquisition, but also helping you building a loyal customer base. We offer a 14 day trial for companies that would like to test our services, so contact us here or Apply Now to find out if we can help you build a successful online marketing campaign.

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