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How To Build A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign For Your Business

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What is social Media Marketing and why it is crucial for your business

Social media marketing is a broad term that combines social media management, building large online communities around your business, social media advertising and paid digital marketing to funnel customers to a business. For many businesses this task is daunting and overwhelming, however with a talented social media strategist these campaigns are proven to be very effective. In the age of social media businesses cannot afford to ignore the benefits of social media marketing. A social media strategist will keep a close watch over social media analytics, which can be used to sell and promote products or services to a larger and specific audience. Some of the key components of social media marketing are social media optimisation (SMO) and search engine optimisation (SEO).

At LONS Media we primarily focus on driving customers through the door using social media marketing. We specialize in paid advertising techniques, social media growth and chatbot marketing, hence, we are constantly creating and testing new strategies that bring qualified leads to our clients, that actually convert! We realise that online marketing can be a pain for a lot of businesses, which is why we are here to help. Below we will take you through our proven step by step process for acquiring and building qualified leads as well as building out high converting opt in pages, that guarantees new clients!


Breaking down our high converting facebook ads funnel

Facebook users make up 68% of adults who use the internet, resulting in a vast advertising opportunity for businesses. Facebook offers a number of targeting and retargeting options allowing you to narrowly define your audience. You can run advertisements on Facebook and Instagram for phones or desktops. By inserting a Facebook tracking pixel into your website you can retarget customers with the products they are most interested in. When managing a Facebook page you have access to a tool called audience insights, which allows you to see your post engagement, page likes and weekly reach. This will help you improve your conversion rate.

Now!! The specific Facebook advertising strategy optimal for your businesses online success depends on the niche in question. I will focus on the dentist niche as an example, although the main concepts and ideas are relevant to a broad range of niche’s and businesses.

Below is a screenshot of a high performing ad with a low CPC (cost per click).

We will begin with the advertising as this is will be your business initial contact with your customers and first impressions last! Firstly, It is essential to use a high quality photo or video, nothing comes across more flimsy and unprofessional than low resolution. Your description should have a clear call to action such as “ Book Now”, remember, you want to be concise and impactful on the open, being different and standing out from the hundreds of competitors can go along way.

One of the great features of facebook ads, is the facebook power editor. Among its many useful features such as its  interest targeting, Ads placement options, split testing and ability to create lookalike audiences from previous customer records, it also allows you to specify and target potential customers in a specific kilometre radius surrounding your business location. In the case of our dentist niche, we would run the ad to an audience within a 5km radius of the business, this is a reasonable distance a patient may travel. However depending on your city and in the case of ad fatigue this distance can be increased at your own discretion (see picture below). In terms of specific interest targeting, there is no need to narrow the audience, as mouth hygiene care applies to everyone. This also means that you can target all ages from 18 to 65.


When creating the ad, use a title that is relevant to your potential customers, for dentists something like “Are you suffering from cavities or gum disease?”.
When creating an advertisement on Facebook make sure that the location of the business is clear to the viewer. Offering a small giveaway such as 50 free dental checkups, is a great way to create engagement for your ad. Not only will this increase the organic reach of your post via sharing and likes, but ultimately increase the ads conversion rate, as people love receiving more perceived value for the money they are spending. The free giveaway does not incur a large expense for the business, however more importantly it guarantees more patients that will be going to your business. This creates the opportunity to up sell to your new patients and offer them services that generate more income. Therefore you are getting patients at a very low cost and are able to upsell further services.


The funnel system that qualifies and converts your potential clients

Opt in Pages are used by many successful businesses to create an online presence and reach more customers in their industry. A typical problem businesses face is the engagement that their website is regularly receiving. Low website engagement boils down to less income and increasing the customer lifetime value is not a simple task. Opt in Pages increase the engagement and traffic drastically to your website.

Firstly you have to design your opt in page. The main goal here is to create something that grabs the viewers attention. We recommend a clean professional look that does not distract the viewer from the aim of the opt in page. On the right we have a typical example of a opt in page. The offer is clear to the viewer and will grab the viewers’ attention.


Split Test, Split Test, Split Test!!

The main key to online marketing is split testing. Adverts vary depending on the market, business location and demographics, therefore even the most experienced social media marketers can’t predict which ad will convert the best. The best converting ads will always be those that have been split tested. As you can see this is done by creating variations of the same ad or In this case opt in page (see picture below). The facebook Power editor and page builders such as click funnel allow you to test variations in designs, call to actions, layouts etc.


How to build a high converting opt in page

The first step in the opt in page, also referred to as a sales funnel, is to collect the email address and phone number of page visitors that have shown interest in your product or service. Utilise page building services like Click Funnel, as this is what they were designed to do really effectively. Now, the next step is to simply integrate a mail services like Getresponse or Mailchimp, the information from your page visitors is then sent straight to your mail. These are now what we call qualified or warm leads, who you can now call or email to set up their first appointment or even upsell on other products or services you may offer. When using the right tools and services opt in Pages can be very easy to create but attention to detail is vital if you want great results.

If you still feel overwhelmed, don’t worry I will go through the steps of creating an opt in page now…

When the viewer clicks on the book now button on your facebook ad it should bring them to a custom landing page. The landing page is customised specifically to the business to ensure the customer understands that the landing page belongs to the business. This can be done by creating a meet our team page, writing an about us section and clearly showing the logos associated with your business to create familiarity and above all trust.

Once they click the “book your appointment” button, ideally placed centrally on the landing page, they will be asked to enter information such as their Name, Email and phone number in order to commence their booking with you. By doing this you are generating more business, as you are gathering lists of potential customers that have already shown interest in your businesses service. It is then essential to continue creating brand awareness via emails, creating different offers and upselling further services  that generate more income for your business or following up on the people that did not claim their free dental checkup. If this to vague for you, don’t worry in the next section I will go in depth regarding the follow up.


Following up on emails and phone numbers you have acquired

The follow up is the part of the sale after the initial acquisition of a lead. The lead in this case is the email or phone number of a potential customer that has shown interest in a product or service. Best practice when offering services for chiropractors, dentists and orthodontist is to build an opt in page to receive client emails and phone numbers, as discussed above. It is then the responsibility of team member in your business to follow up on these leads manually to increase the conversion rate and thus your revenue.

The importance of timing on the Follow Up

The person in your business who has been assigned to following up on leads needs to understand that time is everything and can make or break a deal. It has been statistically proven that leads convert best within 15 minutes of acquiring the lead. We understand that this can be overwhelming for a receptionist that already has many responsibilities, therefore we recommend hiring someone responsible for the lead follow up or at the very best using a designated software, such as call drip to simplify the process (See picture above). 

We believe that Calldrip is vital for a business to maximise conversions. Calldrip is an application that monitors leads and reminds the person responsible to follow up on leads. As shown above the layout of Calldrip is very user friendly. Calldrip allows you to write prospect details for a lead and keep track of the call duration. We recommend implementing this system to increase your revenue.



Implementing special offers on the Follow Up

It has been proven that follow ups convert best with a special offer or discount. You can always implement further discounts that will make the conversion more likely. Consumers view benefits and special offers as an incentive to buy a product or service, as they are receiving more value for money, which they will see as a win, but really everybody wins. Some examples of special offers are “recommend to a friend for a discount”, “like us on Facebook” or “share for 20% off”. At LONS Media Agency we use a website called Check Groupon for finding the best offers that convert in a specific niche. Groupon allows you to see the different variety of offers available and which ones were redeemed the most. This ultimately leads to better conversions.


In conclusion

A combination of Facebook ads, opt in Pages and following up on lead acquisitions correctly is the essence of a successful social media marketing campaign that can possible yield a massive ROI for you and your business. Make sure to implement all these strategies in order for your online engagement and website traffic to increase to its full potential. Many businesses are overwhelmed by the idea of having to take care of their social media marketing. We understand that it can be overwhelming as social media marketing strategies do change often as the internet is evolving as well.

At LONS Media Agency we help companies that are struggling with social media marketing or simply want to increase their revenue. We offer consultations on paid traffic services, social media marketing and chatbot installations completely for free. We build out the best front-end and back-end campaign strategies to effectively market to your exact target audience. Not only do we focus on lead acquisition, but also helping you building a loyal customer base. We offer a 14 day trial for companies that would like to test our services, so contact us here or Apply Now to find out if we can help you build a successful online marketing campaign.


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