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We are an invite only Digital Marketing agency that helps grow businesses across the globe using digital marketing strategies.


We are an invite only Digital Marketing Agency based in Barcelona, Spain. We work with businesses who want to grow and have the necessary resources to do so. Our digital marketing services are for business owners who are looking for real scalable results using social media marketing strategies. Therefore, we provide a real ROI that can be tracked and scaled.


We specialize in paid advertising techniques, social media growth and management, chatbot marketing, and social media content creation. We primarily focus on driving customers to your website in order to building your leads. By utilizing a proven system we are able to get new and repeat customers whenever you need them.


 We utilize sophisticated digital marketing strategies to generate amazing results for our clients. Our team of digital marketing experts  have spent countless hours learning and testing strategies. Furthermore, we have profound insight on exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting real return on investments from paid traffic. Most importantly, we know how to make digital marketing work for all kinds of businesses.


We offer services we believe will bring the best results with maximum return on investment

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Interested in digital media communication strategy and training, visit our website passion-projects.com

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Our Purpose

LONS Media is a social media marketing agency also known as the Leader of the New School (LONS). We believe that we are at the forefront of the new era of marketing. By using modern strategies that yield huge returns on investment, we not only aim to optimise a businesses lead generation methods, but also, create an engaged following that generates organic growth for years to come. Thanks to the power of big data companies such as Facebook, Google and Instagram we are able to market to audiences more accurately and more cost effectively than ever, therefore, allowing us to create campaigns that receive greater ROAS (Return on adspend)  than any other form of Marketing out there.

We are a team of digital marketing experts that use tested strategies in order to deliver results with the most advanced methods to date. Our digital marketing services are for businesses that are looking to establish themselves online and significantly improve their online lead generation. Most importantly, we understand how vital these methods are in getting you more new and repeat customers. Because we offer a return on investment that can be proven,Comparitively, we immediately stand out from other obsolete (Direct Marketing) strategies such as Magazine or television Advertising. By utilising trackable results, backed up with a massive data base, we are able to constantly test and perfect our marketing campaigns.

At Lons Media we believe that it is vital to constantly keep up on all the social media marketing breakthroughs. Therefore, we try to integrate new innovative systems and technologies that bring better results.

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We provide 3 services to our clients: Paid Traffic Services aka “Social media Marketing”, Social media Management and Chatbot installation.

After you apply a member of our team will Assess your business and your website. We are checking to see if you have customer conversion tracking code embedded in your website, furthermore, we will make an appraisal of any evident online marketing strategies as well as assessing your social media accounts such facebook & Instagram. If we decide to work with your business, we will be in contact with you shortly, also, we will provide you with a free audit of your website. What we are looking for are Businesses we can build longterm profitable relationships with, therefore we must be selective with who we work with, however we are open to receiving applications year round.

We will respond within 2-3 business days.

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